Pala de nieve en cm 37 con perfil en aluminio sin MANGO

Jardín Limpieza de nieve Rastrillos quitanieves Pala de nieve en cm 37 con perfil en aluminio sin MANGO Pala de nieve en cm 37 con perfil en aluminio sin MANGO,Pala de nieve en cm 37 con perfil en aluminio sin MANGO,MANGO Pala de nieve en cm 37 con perfil en aluminio sin,Pala de nieve en cm 37 con perfil en aluminio sin MANGO: Hogar.en cm 37 con perfil en aluminio sin MANGO Pala de nieve.
Pala de nieve en cm 37 con perfil en aluminio sin MANGO: Hogar. PALA en material plástico con perfil en aluminio de 37 cm de ancho para la función principal de eliminación de nieve por: VIALETTO, aceras, calles. PATIOS etc. .. 。 La presencia del perfil en aluminio permite una excelente tomada con el piso para una retirada mas es exacta 。 La pala se aporte sin MANGO... Para la compra del MANGO véase el artículo "Mango para PALAS de nieve y ciertamente" cada vez facilitada por ZAMBONIN Mauricio... ASIN B00OY6X83W 。 。 。
Pala de nieve en cm 37 con perfil en aluminio sin MANGO
Pala de nieve en cm 37 con perfil en aluminio sin MANGO

Pala de nieve en cm 37 con perfil en aluminio sin MANGO



Pala de nieve en cm 37 con perfil en aluminio sin MANGO

Pala de nieve en cm 37 con perfil en aluminio sin MANGO

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"Specializing in custom-made furniture, this eclectic Filipino shop serves up punchy designs with a classic Scandinavian Flair"
Dwell Asia, (January-February 2013)

Pala de nieve en cm 37 con perfil en aluminio sin MANGO

"In just a little over five years, Space Encounters has already made its mark as the go-to-shop for midcentury modern style- furniture with thin or tapering legs, comfy wingbacks with 60’s era upholstery, and that fluid, Scandinavian aesthetic so reminiscent of the late 1940’s to early 70’s. This time around, the brand departs from the Western-influenced collection and takes inspiration from the minutiae of everyday Pinoy life."
Real living (July 2015)
"For those willing to branch out of the mainstream and are looking to add some one-of-a-kind designer flavor to their home, Space Encounters offers the perfect vibe for you. Excellently crafted chairs, writing desks, tables, cabinets and made-to-order pieces are on display no matter the season". (Top 10 Funky Home Stores

We Bring Personality to Spaces You Encounter

As a trusted furniture company in the Philippines, we at Space Encounters have been transforming simple homes and workplaces to functional and stylish spaces since 2009. Our team of young and creative designers works hard to create comfortable spaces that stand out in the market. We incorporate fun to all our projects to bring forth customized designs that capture our clients’ personality.

Our company is a product of the creative minds of Thor Balanon, former advertising creative director, and Wilmer Lopez, interior designer. Equipped with their passion for artistry and inspired by their global adventures, they brought their visions and ideas to life. Our love for our craft and our passion for creation motivate us to continue producing classic yet functional furniture design in the Philippines.

Wilmer Lopez defines Space Encounters as literally “anything that one would encounter in space,” – hence our shop’s eclectic mix of mid-century sensibility, and pop culture.

Go beyond typical household and workplace designs with our carefully curated products and creatively restored vintage pieces. If you are looking for a furniture company in the Philippines that can add thoughtful details and brilliant statements to your rooms, we at Space Encounters are just a click away. Our growing collection of Scandinavian furniture in the Philippines offers products and style inspirations that can fit in many interior spaces.

In and Out of the Box

Over the years, we have created different collections that showcase our company’s fun and creative spirit. Our first collection titled “Pop Asia” was exhibited in 2011. Meanwhile, in 2012, “Hunting Season” was launched to celebrate our first year in the industry. Here we showcased Nordic-inspired mid-century modern home accessories and furniture design in the Philippines.

In 2013, we presented our “Gravity” collection that aimed to reinterpret darkness and give it a more welcoming feel. Later in 2014, we revealed the “Space Cowboy” collection that mixed mid-century modern with the Wild West. This selection was also our first collaborative work with three artists from various fields. Our most recent collection launched in 2015, was titled “Boring Things.” The collection aimed to define what is boring and to clear the line that separates one thing from the other.

We at Space Encounters continue to create and to show the people that art can be both fun and functional. Aside from furniture designs, we also specialize in interior design and interior branding.  From food empires and corporate headquarters to business establishments and private rooms, we make it possible to transform space into a reflection of our client’s identity and brand personality.  The roster of our satisfied clients speaks for the quality of our works.

Space Masters

In Space Encounters, we believe that anything can be a masterpiece when viewed in a different manner. We provide custom made designs to add distinction and personality to every brand. We draw inspiration from the mid-century modern pieces and add our touch to offer something new yet classic. Moreover, we always play with creativity to bring out the artistic and functional aspect of every material.

We transform dispensable and vintage materials to useful and artistic crafts, ensuring that every detail of our interior branding and interior design is sleek, and every element of our furniture is meticulously combined.

Space Encounters is not your ordinary furniture emporium. With us, you can ensure that you will not only get deliverables, we also make recommendations to up your household or workplace interior design.

Revolutionize your space with Space Encounters.

Pala de nieve en cm 37 con perfil en aluminio sin MANGO, Pala de nieve en cm 37 con perfil en aluminio sin MANGO