Blending Comfort and Aesthetics

Finding the right blend of classic and contemporary for your work or home space can be a challenging undertaking. Fret not and let us do the mix and match for you.

Apart from interior design and interior branding, we at Space Encounters have built a name as a trusted provider of quality Scandinavian furniture. Our designers can produce custom-made midcentury modern furniture that combines that era’s timeless elegance with today’s modern functionality.

Midcentury modern furniture dominated households from the 1940s to the 1960s. We recreate midcentury modern furniture that elevates space designs and showcases client personality. Here in Space Encounters, we improve on the designs of creative and vintage pieces to exhibit functionality, style, and simplicity. Our collections of Scandinavian furniture are crafted to guarantee quality and originality.


The chairs we produce are made from meticulously selected materials to assure their functionality and durability. We at Space Encounters challenge creative boundaries with bold combinations of vintage pieces - such as solid wood and leather fabric - and polished components – such as metal and steel. We also ensure that all our custom-made products fit our clients’ personality and lifestyle.


Desks are essential room installments. Not only do they keep areas stylish, but they also serve as multifunctional counters- worthy of investment for any spaces. The tables we produce are classy and flexible. Refined materials such as solid wood frames, mirror, and metal rods add to their appeal and durability. Maximize your open spaces with an item from our table collection.


We at Space Encounters produce comfortable benches and couches made from durable materials such as solid woods and metals polished with paint and upholstery. They come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes with touches of style, wit, and class.


There is no better way to keep storage elegant than to avail our polished compartments. We assemble several containers s such as carts, drawers, and cabinets that take up empty areas and transform them into vogue spaces. Showcase your vintage accessories and dashing utensils or secure your valuable possessions with our storage collection.


Proper illumination is the best way to highlight the artistry and delicacy of your quarters. Here in Space Encounters, we incorporate character, style, and functionality to each of our lighting fixtures. From Hip floor lamps to classic chandeliers, we got it all here. Let your room shine through every visitor’s eye with dazzling illumination.

We at Space encounters ensure that every detail of our midcentury and Scandinavian furniture is custom-made to fit the character and lifestyle of our clients. We value time and creativity to bring forth quality midcentury inspired furniture that is functional, hip, and durable.

Space Encounters is more than just a furniture store or an interior design specialist. We are a team that challenges the conventional, a brand that pushes the boundaries of creativity. Introduce style and sensibility into your space with our Scandinavian furniture.