Delivering Character and Style to Every Space

More than just a furniture emporium, our shop is a spring of creative and daring minds. Our interior design services embody elegance and sophistication coupled with an artistic touch. As the go-to interior furniture design company in the country, all our creations are custom-fit to client’s interest.

We ensure that our furniture and interior design services capture the story of our patrons and bring it to life. Inspired by mid-century modern era, we blend designer flavor and vintage elements as showcased in the diversity of our collection.

Capturing Personality

Interior design is the soul of every home. It gives definition to space by bringing emotions and capturing memories.   Prioritizing the value and spirit of the place, we do not limit our interior design services to space or style.

We advocate functionality and elegance by delving into the rigorous process of creating a masterpiece. From conceptualization, space planning, layout, to decorating the area, our team of designers ensures that every detail; every step is carefully planned and executed.

We at Space Encounters offer Interior design services that recreate history and transform vision into reality. We include our clients in every project phase to ensure that successfully narrate their thoughts through every detail of the design.

Sparking Authenticity

Our team helps people make the most out of their spaces with our timeless furniture collection. The Scandinavian aesthetic inspires our furniture interior design service to foster culture and personality in every detail of the interior furniture design.

Customized interior furniture design shines through in every corner. We at Space Encounters adopt delicate pieces and mix-and-match them into a functional and refined object. We create carefully curated products by using and remodeling materials that were cautiously selected to ensure the satisfaction of our client’s aesthetic palate.

Inspiring Creativity

With our interior and furniture design services, we aim to advocate a simple and transparent yet artful lifestyle. We want our customers to embrace their personality and imbibe joy with our masterpieces. Our satisfied clients who continue to indulge our services speak for the difference that we have made in their quarters.

We at Space Encounters always put our customers' interest on top of our priorities. We ensure that they are thoroughly consulted and are actively involved in every step of our interior design projects. After all, art is a collaborative effort. As the design is our way of life, we see minuscule and empty spaces as challenges and opportunities to bring out the fun and creativity of the place. We claim efficacy, and we continue to thrive.

Katherine’s Cafe

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

John & Yoko

Digital Walker

Hole In The Wall



Midcentury Modern Country

Francis Flores

Mike Carandang

Industrial Berlin


Antipolo Weekend Home


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Royal Palm Clubhouse

Mahogany Place III Clubhouse

Blue Water Day Spa

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