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On its third year, Space Encounters gallops head on to mixing midcentury modern with the Wild West. Space Cowboy, the furniture store’s fifth collection, is revisionist western. Sheriff badges, skulls and pistols are transported from dusty wastelands into pillow and poster prints where pretty and menace become inseparable. Check and Aztec patterns contrast but ultimately soften the hard-edged Western icons, while pastel colors adds the warmth that would make the creations fit any home.

“I have always had an affinity with Western concepts,” says Wilmer E. Lopez, creative director and owner of Space Encounters. “I love the distressed finish, the cowboy icons, and the look and feel of Western saloons. I thought that mixing it with mid-century modern furniture would breathe new life to both design movements.” As a result, the trademark Space Encounters furniture pieces are stripped of paint and colors, letting the natural texture and grain of teak wood surface. The denim, leather, toile and cowhide upholstery highlight the raw wood frame. The new designs aim to marry midcentury with a western point of view. The Tavern Dining Table has solid wood planks as tabletop; its height could be adjusted by simple adjusting the pegs hidden in its splayed legs. The Stardust is a Windsor baluster type bench that mainly celebrates the feel of naked wood. The Rodeo Saddle Stool turns the iconic saddle into a low stool, while the Rider barstool is an industrial-Western hybrid.

Space Cowboy also marks Space Encounters’ first collaborative work with three artists, menswear designer Ziggy Savella, graphic designer Mylo de Borja, and graphic artist Kuds Cruz.

Space Cowboy RELOADED is a mini-collection launched on November 15 celebrating the colors of fall—brown, olive green, rust in both solid and camouflage patterns. The collection also adds a menacing charm to its imagery: wolves, birds and insects in a hunting game.

The upholstery in camouflage pattern adds subtle edge to the midcentury form, making at once modern, the form heightened as if one is looking at it with new eyes. Space Cowboy is once again a design, playful experiment on combining old, new, and newly discovered concepts: midcentury meets industrial meets the son-of-a-gun romance and defiance of cowboys.