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The inmate listing contains information about people currently incarcerated in the Olympia Municipal Jail.

It includes each inmates name and details, their arrest date and primary charge, and the booking agency. Thurston County Jail inmates can be found on their site. For more information, please visit the Victim Information and Notification site.

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All mail must have a return address. All mail is processed through a central mail room and all non-legal mail is subject to inspection, which may delay delivery.

No property will be accepted through the mail. No incoming calls are allowed and all calls are subject to monitoring and recording.

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The system offers two types of calling programs: Collect and Pre-Paid. For questions regarding charges on your home or office phone bill, please call NCIC Operator Services at Based on input from over community members, we have developed draft strategies and actions for addressing homelessness in Olympia. Did we get it right?

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Take the survey on Engage Olympia to tell us if you agree or disagree with each piece and what is missing. The information on this page explains how and where to file a complaint or report a civil rights violation with the Special Litigation Section. The Offender Health Plan describes the medical and mental health care services available to Washington State Department of Corrections DOC inmates, explains services and medical necessity, and provides information about filing appeals and presenting cases to the Care Review Committee CRC for approval. The Office of Corrections Ombuds OCO is an independent, impartial public office that serves the state of Washington by promoting positive change in corrections.

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The Offender Grievance Program is an internal grievance and appeal system that provides inmates with a method for seeking resolution to specific complaints or concerns about prison conditions or treatment. This Department of Corrections DOC manual on the grievance program explains how the program works and how to access it.

Inmate Rights. Publications A Guide to Accessing Medication for Inmates in Washington State jails This guide provides information about the rights of inmates to access prescription medication while in Washington State jails.

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The AVID Jail Project hopes this guide will help inmates and their advocates better understand and exercise their rights. A Guide to the Grievance Process for Inmates in Washington State jails This guide provides general suggestions for how inmates may use the grievance process in Washington State jails.

The AVID Jail Project hopes this guide will help current inmates with disabilities plan for their release and former inmates with disabilities access reentry resources in the community.