Ford engine block identification numbers

A Guide To Ford V8 Engine Block Casting Numbers, 1952-1996
How to identify different versions of the Ford C4/C5 Trans.

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The oiling system, which gets a lot of criticism, was a cost issue more than anything to reduce the number of machining steps. Never believe what you see until the pan is pulled and the caps are inspected. Where Cleveland blocks and terminology get confusing is C versus and M. No matter how you look at the or the M for Modified or Midland , both use the same block casting that was in production from to though there are different part numbers.

The C block is basically the same casting, drilled or not drilled for four-bolt main caps.

And, it is simple for a machine shop to make a four-bolt main block out of a two-bolt. The Cleveland was engineered to have fewer leak points and improved gasket technology.

Aside from customary honing, MCE Engines puts on a nice fine finish hone for good ring seating. Block deck should be sonic checked and checked for warpage before any milling is performed. And when you mill, mill only the bare minimum necessary. It can be removed for block cleaning, but must always be replaced. You can find reproductions of this orifice plug on eBay. The goal was to have fewer potential leak points. There are two lifter galleys that feed cam bearings. The righthand galley also feeds main and rod bearings. The savvy Cleveland builder knows how to get around oiling system shortcomings see Chapter 6 for more detail.

When the C and C were introduced in Australia, North American blocks from the Cleveland foundry were shipped to Geelong for assembly. The C block casting number and date code are located just above the starter. This is a head-on view of the Cleveland block, which has a At a glance, it can be tricky to tell the difference between the and C.

Look for the taller deck and valley walls coupled with a raised boss in front.

Also look for the cast-in orifice below the thermostat. Notice the undrilled series big-block pattern in the casting. A good machine shop can drill this block to go either way. The rest are series big-block bell housing patterns.

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One thing that stumps Cleveland enthusiasts more than anything else are the nuances not explained in the Ford parts books. For example, did you know Ford produced blocks in with small-block bellhousing bolt patterns and undrilled big-block bolt patterns which can be drilled and tapped? And did you also know Australian Cleveland blocks are different than their North American counterparts?

Though the Cleveland V-8 is as popular in Australia as the smallblock Chevy or 5. The C and C were produced in Australia from to At least two things make the Australian Cleveland block different than its North American cousin. Another belief is Ford North America shipped discontinued Cleveland casting molds to Australia in when production ended here. Look for this with the and M blocks only. On the left is a two-bolt main block.

How to decode your 1965-1970 Mustang engine block number

On the right is a C with four-bolt mains. The and M blocks have larger 3. D blocks have a D-shaped boss and square blocks have a male or female boss. Another point to be mindful of is obscure block castings hidden away in race shops, garages, and barns. The most obvious difference between the C left and right is the bellhousing bolt pattern.

Understand your engine plate, know the parts you need for your engine

The C has a six-bolt, small-block bolt pattern. Here are the C and blocks side by side for a deck comparison.

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The C is in front; the is behind it. Do you see the height difference?