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Family Tracing

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Even if your lost relative is estranged from the family, you may find people who have kept in touch with them, even very infrequently. You may also find that some people know a previous address, or heard they were recently involved in something that you could easily use as a jumping-off point.

Looking for family members

The Red Cross is an international organization; one of its functions is to help locate missing family members. How to Find Lost or Missing Relatives Online. If you know the profession of your lost or missing loved one, search corresponding trade organizations' member.

If you have any family friends who knew your relative, they can be helpful too! Try to track your lost relative as far as possible simply by asking around.

Tell People You’re Looking

Fast track your missing person investigation for quicker results. But if many years have passed, where do you begin? Safety First. Often people simply lose touch over the years. Support and advice network for international abduction and custody disputes.

How do I know if my search falls within your guidelines? Please read through our Conditions and Guidelines and if you have any further questions feel free to email or phone us. I want to search for someone overseas, do I still contact you?

Tracing Service

The Family Tracing Service FTS works with a worldwide protocol where you need to apply in the country you currently reside. For example, if you live in New Zealand but are looking for someone in the UK, you apply to the New Zealand office and we will forward it overseas.

Search Angels: The Volunteers Reuniting Birth Families

I live overseas but wish to search for someone in New Zealand If you live outside of New Zealand and are looking for a family member within New Zealand then you must apply to the FTS in the country you live in, or the one closest to you. If you are unsure where that is, contact us and we will tell you.

Do you need to find a missing person in Australia?

How do I request an update on my search? Due to the high levels of interest in our service we encourage you to call, email or write to us for an update every 2 to 3 months, quoting your name and case number.

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How do I obtain birth certificates? For more information on obtaining birth certificates you can visit Births, Deaths and Marriages at www.

Contact the Police Immediately

Adoption cases If you are an adopted adult over the age of 20, or the birth parent of an adopted person, it is strongly recommended that you read Adult Adoption Information Act: Your Rights leaflet. We also encourage you to request information available to you from your adoption file. How do I apply for a pre-adoption birth certificate?

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Searching for missing family members is a long term process which may take several of months or even years. There are many difficulties complicating the search. First of all, it might take some time for people to even find out about the Red Cross service and register their inquiry. To overcome this challenge the Red Cross Societes have also deployed staff and volunteers to border crossings, railway stations and other locations where migrants and refugees pass through.

We trace missing family members

Most problematic is the search conducted in crisis zones where the security risks are high. For example, when searching for a missing person in Iraq or Syria, the unsafe environment and security risks might make it impossible to reach the areas where a person could be traced. The Finnish Red Cross is among the 23 national societies in Europe which assists in tracing the missing persons by photo-based tracing. The website is called Trace the Face, where people can publish photos of themselves, is a unique tracing tool which has made the search easier.

Pictures of people looking for their loved ones are put on the Trace the Face website as well as on the posters which are updated every month and distributed to all Red Cross offices in Europe.

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This way, one increases the chance that a missing person, who might be also looking for its relatives, will recognize the family member from the picture. In addition to the picture-based search, the International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC initiates a search for the person in cooperation with national societies around the world and the Family Links Network. If a person is found, we ask for his permission to provide his contact to the person who is looking for him or her, Tiina says.

The Red Cross does not make the travel arrangements, but makes sure that the family gets in touch.