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To find an inmate again, head on over to our free Inmate Locator tool. You can use our tool to do a nationwide offender search. Continue reading for more inmate info on Salvador Garcia and feel free to contact us for any inmate inquiry.

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The amount of time an inmate is required to serve on their sentences can be a little as one year or much as several years. To learn more about this correctional institution, please visit our Prison Locator Page. Before heading to visit a loved one at Texas Department of Criminal Justice TDCJ , it's a good idea to confirm that your are on your loved ones approved visitation list. Easiest way to do that is by contacting the facility and asking them if your visitation is approved. If you're wanting to visit you can't have a felony and government ID must be up to date. If your age is 16 and below you must go with a legal guardian so that you are accepted.

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All the prisoners are searched before and after any visits due to the security reasons. All visitors are expected to present a valid ID at the time of visitation. Studies show that one of the best ways to lower recidivism and keep someone that is incarcerated on the right track is by staying connected with loved ones. But staying in touch isn't easy.

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Ordinary inmate phone calls are extremely expensive. Admittedly, the entire system doesn't make it easy to stay communicating. And if you've ever searched for cheap jail calls, then you know how difficult it can be to find a good solution. It's no secret that whether you're receiving federal inmate calls, state inmate calls, or Travis County inmate calls, the cost to stay connected to someone imprisoned is expensive. With some calls Even worse, it's usually close friends and family that are left paying for these inflated inmate phone costs.

Luckily, there are inmate calling solution services that help you with collect calls from prison such as Pigeonly Voice. For additional information, check out our blog post on how inmate calling solution providers work.

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Prepaid inmate calling cards can also help keep costs in check. These cards help you set a cap on how much you're willing to budget on calls from your inmate in any given period. With these solutions, you're only able to spend as much money as you put on the account.

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Services such as Securus Inmate Debit and IC Solutions Debit Telephone Account allow you to deposit a specified amount into your account that will be used specifically for making phone calls from prison. Photos have been said to be the lifeblood of an incarceration period for some inmates. For inmates, pictures in the mail are often times the only visual contact a person may have with the outside world.

Staying connected with inmate pics can help someonere-enter smoother and not feel totally out-of-place when they come home. Pigeonly Photos to inmates helps makes things easier by helping you send unlimited photos to inmates for a very low monthly cost. Sending your loved one a care package is one of many ways to letting inmates know that you still think about them.

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Gifts for inmates packages can include things like clothes, food, shoes, snacks, and hygiene products. Some facilities allow loved ones to send their own care package to their inmate with approved items but other facilities only let you send packages from approved programs. Down below we have listed a few care package programs that are approved from facilities check them out top see which can best fit yours and your inmate needs. Prison commissary also sometimes referred to as inmate canteen is a store for inmates housed within a correctional facility. For instance, supplies such as supplementary food, female hygienics, books, writing utensils and a plethora of other things are examples of things that can be purchased as part of an inmate commissary packages for goods.

When you add money to an inmate account , the prison funds are stored on an inmate trust fund. This prison account basically acts as a personal bank account of an inmate.

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Offender relatives, please call the unit before you go to pick up an offender. For questions and comments, please email: classify@spaceencounters.net For more. Online Offender Search (location, offenses, projected release date); Requests by E- Problems & Questions Relating to Offenders · Can't find offender in TDCJ?.

They will use this account to make Inmate Calls , pay for postage to Send Photos from Inmates, send emails from inmates, purchase Items from Commissary, receive wages fromjobs, and more. While methods vary from state to state, you have quite a few options to make jail deposit. Each county jail in Texas, Texas Department of Corrections facility, Federal prison, and all local jails have their own sets of procedures. Be sure to familiarize yourself with applicable rules and regulations regarding how to set up an inmate trust account.

Travis County commissary, Federal Commissary, and Texas prison commissary prices and Texas prison commissary list may also vary. A critical part of loved ones going through an incarceration period is having to send inmate money for support.

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The truth is, prisoners aren't provided with near the amount of amenities as you'd think. Items such as toothbrushes, razors, and extra blankets must be purchased from the commissary. Food and drinks can also be purchased from the commissary, as well. For those facing a longer sentence, prison stores also sell other amenities such as radios, MP3 players, and small televisions that can be used at specified times of the day. The process to put money on an inmate's books can range depending on the state, type of facility i.

Vulnerable families can often be exploited by predatory services, so it's important you choose your inmate services wisely.

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Check out our full post on how to send money to an inmate in Texas. There are also resources such as Prisonpro, PrisonTalk, and other inmate information destinations that can give useful inmate information white some may use services such as Moneygram inmates. Prisoners can also put money toward their phone-related expenses. First of all, if you want to send money to an offender, you'll need to provide the proper inmate information. This information includes:. As mentioned, the ability to make phone calls to loved ones is a great source of respite for an incarcerated individual.


You may call between 8 a. A projected release date for a TDCJ inmate is based on his offense as well as the date and the nature of the offense. Inmates with offenses committed before Sept. Offenses committed on or after Sept. This type of release is known as discretionary mandatory release, as opposed to a legislatively mandated release of inmates who qualify for mandatory supervision, a type of parole.

Inmates not approved for release by BPP, or who are not eligible for mandatory supervision, have a release date that is the same as their discharge date. Karina C. Hernandez is a licensed real estate agent since in San Diego. She has written legal articles pertaining to housing and real estate for multiple internet channels over the past 10 years.

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