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The MySpace top 8 destroyed your self-esteem, apparently

Went for a more painterly feel since it was pretty noisy and easier to edit that way?? I like it a lot!! Do you like?? Photo taking has been my hobby for 4 years. One way he is engaging with others is through his blog, which has the URL of — you guessed it — myspacetom. Some of the most recent posts showcase more of his travel photography, with features devoted to his travels in Malaysia and Beijing. Although the downfall of Myspace was often attributed to the popularity of Facebook, it appears Tom doesn't bear any grudges, and also has his own page on the social network, which has over one million fans.

They'll be able to fondly remember their Myspace days, as Tom still has the same profile picture as he did back then, even though it is in a very grainy quality and a far cry from his recent images! We use our own and third-party cookies to improve our services and show you related advertising with your preferences by analyzing your browsing habits and generating the corresponding profiles.

If you go on surfing, we will consider you accepting its use. I decided to log back in, to disrupt the social media continuum and revisit myself as I debuted online eight years ago. My first task was remembering my password.

Signs of the old dog

Your MySpace Top Friends are front and center when someone stops by your profile page, Who will get the coveted first spot in the upper-left corner?. You can find a friend by using a direct MySpace URL, by browsing, or by link at the top of your MySpace profile page and choose a Basic or Advanced browse.

Now, this was nearly a decade of passwords ago, and for someone who clicks the "forgot password? However, when I arrived at the MySpace login page, which now resembled an aggregated, Yahoo news pop culture feed, my password inexplicably returned to me. It was as if MySpace wanted me back I enter and the homepage refreshes.

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  3. It’s like uncovering a time capsule from 2007..
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It was the same busy news screen that had been displayed already: Jon Stewart, something about Tech N9ne, etc. Things had indeed changed, and in a frozen yogurt kind of way. It was all the drivel of Facebook without a face behind the posts.

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I navigated to the bottom of the screen where the alert box had changed to a drab, totalitarian grey. There were no lovingly red notifications awaiting me.

Why Myspace Over Other Social Sites?

As I hovered over my inbox, reality kicked in: "You don't have any messages," it read. Perhaps what's more surprising than my entire inbox dissipating is that I ever expected it wouldn't. I thought that, along with the Hotmail account this was connected to, my inbox would be preserved forever like a lost diary filled with painful sign offs like "awesome sauce. Though my inbox had vanished, perhaps deemed too subversive by the current MySpace zeitgeist, my profile remained.

There it was with my original picture intact, a bold portrait of myself that was painted for the set of a high school play—postured like I was MySpace royalty. At least one thing hadn't changed, and this was still the best picture I've ever had. However, the wall itself had fallen, my Top 8 had disbanded, and my profile page was now a clunky sideways scrolling page where I was prompted to post updates, mixes, and tracks like I was enrolled in an EDM DJ college course.

The old banter with friends was gone and my bio was nothing more than an image; I was a characterless social media bot, a MySpace artist without a medium.

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  2. Signs of the old dog.
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  4. It’s Not Too Late — Here’s How To Find Your Old Myspace Photos Right Now!

So where was everybody? The MySpace profile, an early form of internet birth certification. It seemed I no longer had friends, just "connections. It seemed to me that MySpace had tried to become the music industry equivalent of LinkedIn's corporate meet-and-greet, where everyone uses exclamation points with freakish enthusiasm like its Take Your Kid to Work Day.

I began scrolling through my connections that remained, searching for the green active pulse that signaled online life.

There Will Be No Greater Stress In Life Than Myspace’s Top Friends Function

Some accounts had been completely nullified, with androgynous block circles remaining where smiling faces with sunglasses once stood. I assumed others had deleted theirs—protecting themselves from future employers tracing "Jesus is my homeboy" hats back to them.

Then there were the ones left completely intact, pristinely preserved in the icy cell block of the web. I was still in Virthans top 8, but he only had 4 connections. There was seemingly no law controlling what was happening here. I decided to send out a few messages to see if even from the depths of MySpace, I could still communicate with the outside Internet world. I waited for one minute days in MySpace time then went searching for my friend Aaron.

He's the most social media savvy guy I know, and surely a notification would reach him somewhere. My green, online light blipped like a ship lost in the fog, but no responses came. This is terrible. How do I upload a profile picture to a newly made MySpace account? Unable to figure out how to do it. How do I save my pics onto my computer or SD Card, etc? I don't want to lose them, I have pictures of My Mother that is now deceased. Remember with the old myspace you could go on a page, copy a code and put it in the about me section and have the background you wanted?

View hidden myspace friends and comments

How can we do that now? I like the old way of adding friends instead of the connections because I don't know how to delete connections who have connected to me and I don't want them. I am trying to access my old account but for some reason either my email or password or both are not working anymore. I'm trying to get into my page and my info is correct, but I can't get into it. Could my page have been hacked or changed by someone else?

How can I get access to all my info and pictures if my account has been hacked?

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August 25, at pm. Popular Pages Home. Like the person that just friend requested me all of a sudden is on my first page how do you put them on your last page. This generator will go to your profile and grab your friend ID for you. Excellent way of telling, and nice paragraph to take facts concerning my presentation subject, which i am going to convey in college. To post an update, click the blue Post button on the left. You are not alone!

I have a very important friend who's passed away and for a couple years all his pages photos and music played great. A month ago the music was playing fine.. As I have had issues in the past but this is not replaceable music and I don't know why since you changed everything,Nothing works!!

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I'm new to Myspace again it's been awhile but I would like to find out what the 2 circles are on everyone's profile or whats the meaning for it?? My name is Tonya Beard. I can nor remember my password since its been in the s my mother's maiden name is Latin I lived in Lawrence Kansas and Olathe is. My new email is yorkiestonya yahoo.

How to Find Someone's Facebook or MySpace

How can i get photos from and old account or log into an old account if i can't log into the email address for that account? Search results Show more. What's New on Myspace Week of June 13th, This week we rolled out a brand new experience for our members to view their connections on Myspace. What has changed? Is this change also on mobile or the App? What if I don't see this page on my profile? Dom Franceschi June 20, Eric Juarez June 25, I can't see my friends pictures. Why is that.

What's New on Myspace